MockingjayUK would love to bring to your attention Alex Carpenter's Hunger Games themed music, one of which was just turned into a music video for Youtube, check it out below!

For those of you who don't know, Alex Carpenter is also known for forming the popular wrock band, The Remus Lupins. We're excited to see how enthused he is about The Hunger Games and hope his venture into creating Hunger Games themed songs will become widely successful.

We recommend for you to tweet Alex directly what you thought of his song and make sure you let him know you saw the video on @MockingjayUK's site! Also if you want to hear more of Alex's Hunger Games Album, "Freedom in Panem", head over to his site!

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KayaUpdate: Thanks to our friends over at The Hob they have received confirmation from Kaya's agent that:
"... Kaya has not met for the role of Katniss as of yet.

As ever Kaya is very honoured that she is still considered a possible Katniss by the fans of The Hunger Games."
So it's not looking good for any Kaya fans, but they still may have actress' coming in to audition, we'll just have to wait and see

EW has recently spoken with one of their sources at Lionsgate about the Hunger Games movie where they confirmed that, despite all the talk around the web, no actress is a front runner yet. Their source goes on to list about 30 big name actress' that they know have already met or read for the role; from Hailee Steinfeld, Abigail Breslin, and ChloŽ Moretz, to Emma Roberts, Skins star Kaya Scodelario, and Emily Browning the search seems to be looking everywhere for the perfect match.

Are you tired of all these casting rumors just floating around or do you want this fun to never end? Let us know: tweet @mockingjayuk or vote in the poll!

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DZaneThere has been a lot of buzz about who should play the lead role of Katniss, an unknown or someone already established in the Industry. No matter the case any possible actor must be seen by the casting director, Debra Zane, known for her outstanding reputations from films such as Catch Me if You Can and Ocean's 11. The Wall Street Journal recently had the chance to get a special look at the casting process Zane is going through for the role of Katniss. The WSJ article states that because the script isn't finalized actors are using the book's dialogue as the script. Also a nerf bow-and-arrow is available as a prop to help the actress become more in tuned with Katniss.

Mrs. Zane told the WSJ that so far 50 people have audtioned, and they have come from all acting backgrounds. She also goes on to say her staff is opening all the mail they receive (even one from South Korea), but she is however very skeptical that their Katniss will be found in those piles of letters.

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lionsgate icon If any of you have visited IMDB's Hunger Games page you will see they have listed Gabriel Liotta as Peeta. This is in fact false. It should be noted that IMDB's information can be altered by anyone that has the premium package membership to their site; similar to Wikipedia and we all know how accurate that is. contacted Lionsgate about the info on IMDB and they responded with this statement:
"Gabriel Liotta is not playing Peeta. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We had removed it and it appears he has placed himself back up onto the site."
Trust that if any actors are confirmed will be posting as soon as that information is available to let you know who will be playing your favorite characters. Also keep tabs on casting through the offiical Hunger Games Movie twitter as it may be revealed through that medium and why not follow us as well, @mockingjayuk?

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Update: Lionsgate has confirmed that this information is, in fact, false, as the filming location has yet to be set.

Filming information has been released via a casting agency for the upcoming Hunger Games movie. The Los Angeles production website Backstage has listed the Gary Ross film for an April shoot in North Carolina.

Information on filming is sure to arise in the coming months, as filming comes nearer and casting is finalized. Check back here for all related information.

The Hunger Games is currently set for a March 23, 2012 release, with casting currently underway.

Thanks to for the heads up!

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Calendar's at the ready Hunger Games fans, thanks to, we can now reveal that the Hunger Games movie will be released in theaters on March 23, 2012.

This news comes just days after it was announced that Debra Zane has been hired as a Casting Director for the film. With production set to begin in the spring, we should start receiving news about casting announcements over the coming weeks.

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LiamActor Liam Hemsworth, or as many know him, Miley Cyrus' ex-boyfriend, may play the role Peeta. Liam was questioned by MTV at Sundance on Saturday and asked about his involvement in The Hunger Games movie. Not only has the 21-year-old actor been approach about the film, he claims to have already read the script and loves it. "I read the script. It's a really, really cool story." Said Liam, adding, "I love action ... gritty kinda stuff like that."

Liam Hemsworth also said he hasn't met with Gary Ross or auditioned for the role, but he sure will in the near future.

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