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Gale Hawthorne

"That's why we have to join the fight!"

- Chapter 7, Catching Fire

Full Name: Gale Hawthorne
Age: 18 [THG]
Birthday: Unknown
Died: N/A
Home: District 12

Name Meaning:
Gale is of Irish, Gaelic and Old English origin, and its meaning is foreigner/stranger and also cheerful, happy (from the Old English word gaile meaning jovial). A gale is also a strong current of air or a wind between a stiff breeze and a hurricane. The most violent gales are called tempests. Hawthorne is derivative of the Hawthorn tree, which also has strong roots in Celtic tradition and was thought of as being sacred to the Fair Folk.

Appearance, Skills & Personality:
Gale is tall and strong with straight black hair, grey eyes and an olive complexion. He is said to look like Katniss, who shares with him the look of the Seam. Their resemblance is so close that he and his family are able to pass as Katniss's cousins when she returns to District 12 after winning the Hunger Games, though he resents being called her cousin. He is a skilled trapper, teaching Katniss how to hone and improve her snares, and also an accomplished hunter.

He is fiercely protective of his family, resignedly taking the tesserae, hunting illegally and later working in the mines to support them and to prevent his younger siblings from having to. He is less than convinced by the authority of the Capitol and even half-seriously suggests to Katniss that they run away from District 12 in The Hunger Games and initially agrees to run away with her in Catching Fire. Katniss worries that his disenchantment with the Capitol will lead to him taking risks and getting himself into trouble, a fear which is realised when he is caught trying to sell poached game. It is only through Katniss's intervention that he isn't killed by the new Head Peacekeeper. Prior to this, he made a heartfelt case to Katniss in the woods, describing how they should all join together to bring down the Capitol and how he was pleased uprisings had begun in other districts.

Gale is proud and stubborn, refusing to allow Katniss to help his family with her winnings from the Games and reluctant to take game from her when he knows she no longer needs to hunt for food. Gale is also moody, sullen and resentful when unhappy with a situation, though he also has a wry sense of humour at times. He tries very hard to be reasonable and fair, but is quick to anger. He is also incredibly loyal, taking care of Katniss's family while she is in the Games and also rescuing her mother and sister before District 12 falls. It is not known if he managed to save his own family.

Gale lives with and supports his mother, Hazelle and his younger brothers Rory, aged 12, and Vick, aged 10, and baby sister Posy, aged 4, in the Seam. His father died in the same mining accident which killed Katniss'. He would have been 13 when his father died.

Notable Scenes:
Chapter 1, The Hunger Games: Introduction to Gale and learning some of his background.
Chapter 2, The Hunger Games: Prising Prim from Katniss so she can be Reaped in Prim's place
Chapter 3, The Hunger Games: Saying goodbye to Katniss and promising to take care of her family before she is taken to the Capitol
Chapter 2, Catching Fire: Gale and Katniss's first private meeting after she returns from the Games
Chapter 7, Catching Fire: Discussing the uprising with Katniss and why they have to fight the Capitol's regime
Chapter 8, Catching Fire: Being rescued from being whipped to death by the new Head Peacekeeper
Chapter 27, Catching Fire: Telling Katniss he managed to save her mother and Prim, but that District 12 has been destroyed.

"We could do it, you know...Leave the District. Run off. Live in the woods. You and I, we could make it." Chapter 1, The Hunger Games

"I changed my mind. I don't want anything they made in the Capitol." Chapter 7, Catching Fire

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